This term, revolutionary love, is something that struck me today while talking with friends. I have to give credit to one of them, who actually said this term in response to the conventional way we love.

It got me thinking that I have really embraced this concept of being a rebel against the norm.

And I love it.

To me, revolutionary love symbolizes the new way of loving myself, thereby others.

With this expansiveness of my heart.

Totally getting off on my shadow side.

The only reason it was a shadow side was because it wasn’t invited into the general aspect of my being while growing up, but now, it’s quickly becoming the predominant part of me…and soon there will be no shadow!

That’s the coolest part of this revolution of mine.

As I grow, I see my attraction within for that safety, trust and love I used to expect from another. Now, I know that I am the only one who can truly give that to myself.

So the pressure on another is gone.

But the invitation for others to attempt exists.

The freedom and true liberation of my soul takes on another dimension of my being, entirely. It creates a spaciousness that allows me to see my personal culture is more important to me than any other pre-existing one created by people who probably never even looked like me!

This revolution is a global one, from my vantage point. I see so many collecting their ancestral histories and re-examining their own pasts along with their current lives-personal exploration to really examine what gives them true happiness.

It’s a revolution that doesn’t need weapons. It only requires courage to dig within, see those shadows and meet with them. Find the turn on by witnessing it’s all a part of us. See our wicked side, love it and reach ecstasy!

2 Replies to “Revolutionary Love”

  1. A beautiful message of love and respect…. First for ourselves and then for others….

    1. Thank you Emmie…I really feel this strongly now…it’s taken years but I finally feel the love for myself ❤️

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