When I advise someone to meditate (which is almost everyone), it’s usually the ones who can’t sit still who cringe the most. And they are the ones who need it (and that’s essentially the reason I am suggesting it).

It’s like that desire to get to the mountain peak but not wanting to climb. How else are you going to get there unless you are helicoptered/delivered by a plane?

Similarly, I find myself in a situation where I want that man to love now. Without the space of time to wait for him.

I have learned the art of patience and this blog is proof of that. BUT it’s really annoying that I have to wait! Isn’t there a simpler solution like a medication which would send out invisible cupid arrows to a beautiful man’s heart and bring him to me?

I feel like one of my patients. I want that simple fix. And I don’t fully understand why this delay is happening to me. Intellectually, I can defend it. Spiritually, I can accept it. Emotionally, I am frustrated. Physically, I am ALSO frustrated!

In all seriousness, the spiritual explanation is that I have to walk this path of further self discovery and uncovering the joy of celebrating life with myself and the world, not just with one man. Which I really have mastered. I have always been great at happiness and have been without a man for most of my life, so I’m mastering this art.

One man from last year’s dating experiences contacted me this week. It was really weird. One line text telling me he was thinking of our night together. I asked him what he was thinking about. His reply? That he enjoyed himself.

GOOD FOR YOU. Do you want a medal? WTF was my thought. I didn’t bother to reply..and I never heard back.

So I’m climbing this GIGANTIC mountain and I’m hoping the summit is close! I’m not planning to jump off it and don’t have anyone coming to get me by plane, so I guess I have only two choices. I’m choosing upwards…and onwards.