In this post, I’m going to be taking back my power.

I have a confession to make here and want to break down the walls I put up.

Before I do that, I need to honor two friends who helped me get here-one who actually came up with the words ‘bodacious and fearless’ to describe her own path of moving through the act of letting go of fear.

The other one created a space to own our past and showed me the power of accepting ourselves-in totality. And that this should be celebrated.

I created this blog to share my journey. I thought about doing this anonymously to protect others and myself from recognition.

But after the time that’s gone by since I’ve been writing to all of you, I recognize the power of admission. To hide behind a wall means that I’m not owning who I am.

There is nothing I’ve done that requires me to be invisible.

I thought having a pseuodonym would be better for me professionally, but I realize that these stories of mine actually help my patients. They empower us. Not just as women, but as humans.

Creating the boundaries around who I am can protect my identity and therefore limit the possibility of someone trying to embarrass me or use the information to undermine me. I realize that. But I also see that is living in fear.

I don’t live in fear.

I realize that every day I awake with the possibility of it being my last, but I don’t live looking behind my shoulder or worrying about that.

Similarly, I don’t want to carry an unmentioned fear/insecurity that is founded on my being authentic and honest.

I talk about not being hypocritical. I ask of my patients to unleash their burdens and soar through their truths.

How can I act differently?

So, today, I own my identity in this blog.

I am bodaciously and fearlessly crashing down the invisible wall I built around myself as Diana. Introducing my true, courageous and loving self, Meena. I honor Diana and what she represented to bring me to this point. After all, Wonder Woman is nothing if not a symbol of female power in all it’s glory.

Let’s live a fearless life. Break down the walls around you. Reach out and claim yourself. All of you. Nothing is more beautiful than opening your wings and walking into the world with that crown on your head.

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  1. Congratulations Meena! I honor you for your courage to step in to your truth. Many blessings 🙏🏼☮️

    1. Thank you so much, Maisie! Your support means so much to me. This is a great feeling! 🦋✨

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