First, let me loudly cheer out a ‘HAPPY NEW YEAR’ to all of you!!!! It’s January 1st, 2021!!!!!! The year of Manifesting Authenticity….

I have been silent for the past two weeks for a few reasons.

First, I made a huge claim in my last post.

I realized I needed to experience what it meant to me to feel so sexually fluid-what bisexuality meant to me within, silently, for a bit.

Process is so important and giving yourself time to let that be what it is for you is really critical. And for each one of us, it will be different.

Usually writing and speaking is my form of internal understanding…writing here/in my journal/notes/emails/social media posts.

I took a break from writing here/in social media to give myself time to assimilate. So my journal became my receiver.

But I did speak.

I spoke to my sisterhood queens (all of you know who you are) and my family…you all held space for me-which I have limitless gratitude for and can never thank you enough for the loving support you gave me! You help me grow my wings!!!

To all of you who read this blog and sent me cheers either through messages/invisibly through brain waves or universal energy, I send huge hugs of thanks, too!

The other reason I was quiet was to be in the moment.

In 2020, I hadn’t left my home, at all. Only to get to the clinic, literally a few walks all year and a handful of times to the pharmacy or grocery store. Everything was online for me. I lived a very different life to adapt to COVID around us.

So when December came around, I decided to join my immediate family in a rural town for a few weeks and give myself a mask break, fight the fears of leaving my urban home and enjoy some solitude both in nature and a change in scenery.

As a result, I have absorbed myself in this new freedom of no work and no mask for the past 2 weeks.

It feels so good and I almost forget that I had another life! Funny how being in the moment can give you temporary memory lapses!

While here, I’ve been reflecting on 2020. (I always reflect-that’s no surprise to anyone and when a new year comes around, I multiply that reflection by 10000)!

If you’re around me, you’ll be roped into doing some with me, too…so my little nieces and nephew had to join me and my son…and they loved it! Including burning releases during our Full Moon!

For me, 2020 was the year of claiming myself.

Over and over, I found myself in situations where I was able to be tested to show up. In the past I would have glossed over those opportunities or minimized what the effect would have been, thereby not taking advantage of them.

In 2020 that pattern changed. I saw myself wanting to be challenged and as a result a stronger and more beautiful Meena emerged!

I see 2021 as the year for me to BE, authentically. I want to take those experiences when I claimed myself in 2020 to a deeper level. To really manifest what I learned about myself and enjoy what that feels like.

A lot of self growth happens when we are in difficult situations.

2020 gave all of us time to learn how to be alone, what it means to really sit with the thoughts we have, tap into creative energies to create meaningful moments for ourselves when we couldn’t socialize or go outside, and find new things and ways to learn.

I want to acknowledge that as a human race we experienced a lot of suffering, illness and death through COVID…it impacted almost all of us.

And, it’s not over. The pandemic is still very real and it’s likely that we will be spending a lot of 2021 maneuvering our way through a tough second year.

But when I look back at the year, I see how we collectively got through it. The creation of social vistas online is not something to diminish.

It’s huge that we can connect across oceans and with more people than we normally would. Whether that’s for concerts, celebrations, game nights, hang-outs just to cheer another up.

We are still social. The pandemic didn’t take that away. It made it emphasized.

At least for me I realize how important my communities are to me. Each one of you reading this is a valuable human for me. Simply knowing that my thoughts are important enough for you to read this, fills my heart and soul. I hope all of you value yourselves and your own desires to manifest all you want in 2021!