Navigating through the world of online dating makes me feel like I need to channel wonder womxn…

…with that lasso…

…not willing to give up…

…and most of all BELIEVING IN MYSELF!

I have been dating for more years than any woman should need to. I’ve been single for 15 years and out of those years I’ve been online and ‘in search’ for 9 years.

I’ve tried more dating sites than the numbers of fingers of my two hands. I’ve done ‘5 min dating’, ‘lunch dates’, tried out matchmakers.

I promise I am not crazy. At least not any more than any one person is on the spectrum of what ‘normal’ is! I don’t have any bizarre fetishes/irrational needs.

I am a mother, a doctor, a happy and inspired woman who truly sees the best in all experiences hoping to motivate those around me to do the same-which is why I became a doctor, honestly.

You’d think it wouldn’t be so hard for me to find what I’m looking for!

Karma? Perhaps in a past life I was a snake!

Picky? Definitely. But why shouldn’t I be? After all, I deserve the best if I am going to give my best.

Too nice? Not nice enough? Too sexy? Not sexy enough? Too talkative? Not talkative enough? Too much makeup? Not enough makeup? Too many questions? Not enough questions???

The list is ENDLESS…which is one of the reasons I wanted to write this blog. I am NOT the only one going through this tribulation of trying to find someone special in her (or his) life!

Please join this wild and crazy journey with me…I promise stories that will make you roll your eyes in your head, chuckle, maybe even wish a few darts upon another (though I really hope not). If you relate, like what you read, don’t like what you read, have something to share, please comment!

26 Replies to “Wonder Woman in Search for Her Superwo/man”

  1. I recently read “Marry Him: The Case for Settling for Mr. Good Enough” by Lori Gottlieb. Her book inspired me to date a wealthy handsome lawyer for two months who was the most boring conversationalist and awful in bed. EW. Much happier to join you in your approach! It’s a weird kind of work, isn’t it? Love hearing your journey on this. Thanks for sharing authentically!!!

    (Also my reply name autofilled to Inanna — as in the Sumerian goddess of sensuality, love, fertility, and war. Forgot that was my nerdy high school wordpress ID. Maybe that’s a little goddess wink to us all.)

    1. Yes it is INANNA!! You are a goddess and us tapping into our inner sensual and powerful selves attracts what we really want. Life is too short to waste on bad sex! 😂

  2. A wonderful expression of a giving heart by a true wonder. I can’t wait to read/catch up and see how it goes! <3

  3. Can’t wait to read this.

    I’ve loved walking alongside with you in your many varied adventures – laughing into the night at some of the crazy stories, enjoying the more serious and ponderous discussions, but best of all, sharing your happiness when some of your paramours looked promising and made you happy. I miss our chats, and hope this blog can connect me back into that universe.

    PS – and I even remember some of the names and stories you’ve forgotten :).

    1. GA! You and I truly have lived through so many years of this together…and you do remember more about my life than I do! I might need to make you co-author! HA! THANK YOU!

  4. OMG I luv this! I cant wait to read about your dating adventures, especially because I ask myself these same questions why I’m still single. Being a guy I should be all about sex, but without a mental connection, it lacks luster to be just physical for me, idk why tbh. I’m definitely picky and like you said “I deserve the best if I’m going to give my best”. I relate with this blog more than you know and am glad you started it. Cant wait to read what happens next! Keep me posted 😀

    1. Thank you Matt! I’m really happy you can relate to this. That’s what I’m hoping for. So many of us feel alone in this process and wonder what we can do differently. I’ve realized you can only do what you can and to be honest with yourself along the way. Changing your mind is okay and walking a different path is okay, too! Just don’t give up on yourself! More to come!

  5. Really great Diana ! It’s fun and it’s something so many people can relate to. Dating currently or part dating experience. It certainly helps to shape who we are by the ways we learn about ourselves, our needs and how we interrelate in the search for love. Love inside ourselves and with others !!!

    1. Thank you SO much, Jessica! Dating teaches me SO much about myself and the world. It’s a true internal experience…You have guided me SO much-thank you!

  6. Diana, this is your authentic, wonderful, wondrous self. Can’t wait to read your words – which I am sure will make many cry and laugh and wonder. Love!

  7. I LOVEEEEEEE IT! Absolute Truth! its hard in the today dating life because people want you to change for them like you aren’t good enough. WELL YOU KNOW WHAT?! WE ARE GREAT!!!! Keep up the Great work & Never Change. <3<3<3

  8. I LOVE this! This is such an inspiration and support to many others that have walked this road! You are so honest and open about it, its a breath of fresh air that there’s other people going through the same thing and can speak up for the ones that can’t. Keep doing big things!!!!

  9. So courageous and honest. I’m sure this blog is going to be a source of support for many other Wonder Women out there!

    1. Thank you my sweetest friend! We are exploring so many facets of ourselves through this dating experience-hoping we both can continue to motivate each other to not give up!

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