When you read this title it may be misleading….that voice in your head that always knows…

Our society has debunked the belief in yourself.

We have created a system that has resulted in looking outside of ourselves for answers that we already have.

Especially in my medical world.

Anytime someone says that they hear a voice inside of their head telling them what to do, as a doctor it makes you jump to conclusions of schizophrenia or psychosis. You don’t want to miss a sign.

But in that process we ignore the beautiful existence of intuition. That voice in the head that is yours guiding you to amazing places within.

I have surrendered to that grace. Finally not just acknowledging it but allowing it to tell me what I need to hear.

The fact is that we are always thinking. We are always on. Our minds are extremely powerful. When awake or asleep our minds are doing hard work.

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase ‘you are what you eat’.

I have another one-‘you are what you think and believe’.

The power of intention is incredible.

If you have ever sat down to write goals, you have experienced what that does. It’s not just a list, it becomes a subconscious process that starts working toward you getting to those goals. Of course, you are probably laying out steps to get what you want but it’s beyond that. You create an energetic domino effect that ends up having the Universe deliver opportunities to you.

It’s undeniable. Test it out if you don’t believe me.

I’ll give you an example.

I signed up for VITA women in the summer to work deeper on my self-unfoldment and through that process saw an opportunity for Coaching in the arena of Love, Sex and Relationships.

Let me drop here that at that time I had no conscious thought that I liked women or was bi-sexual.

I discovered I was bi through a matter of happen-stances. Because I was engaged with this VITA LSR coaching program, I met an incredible woman who invited me to be a part of a moon ritual and then ‘wham’…I met a woman on zoom and felt all the tingles.

What was my intuition here?

It was to sign up for this very expensive coaching program.

I had to pause and really deliberate over the cost. I remember thinking about the money I’d be forking over but my gut was strongly, and I emphasize STRONGLY, telling me that the money would come to me. I saw that this program would serve me in ways that would deliver beyond the money-the value was not able to be put in dollars.

My intuition told me that this program was the next step in my self development and would expand my career path. I had already received gifts of this teaching over the summer and I knew it would be something that would transform my life.

So, I signed up…despite the ticket price.

Since that very moment I have had doors and windows open wide for me to not just walk through, but FLY through!

Liking women is a deep knowing that I have finally accepted for myself and as I go back in time, the memories are incredible. It was always there. I just never allowed myself to feel it.

It takes big steps to reveal big things to you.

And trust.

Trust in yourself. The Universe. In life.

My awareness of this truth is not about the woman outside of me. It’s all about me. About loving myself enough to be with me. To honor myself. To learn how to love every ounce of myself that I don’t reject any part of it.

That is true self love.

My mom and I talk about how she’s exploring self actuality through Vedantic teaching and how I’m doing that through Tantric education.

We see the similarities and respect the differences. I give her so much credit to witness me walking this path. I know it’s not easy to wrap heads around this but it’s damn important to try and do!

The means are different but the intention and goals are the same. I may be bringing in pleasure as my path to get to spiritual unfoldment but it doesn’t make it less profound.

We all have our own roads we are cruising down. Those roads bifurcate and the one you choose to navigate down is dependent on that intuition of yours. You can listen to others…or your can listen to yourself. If you listen to yourself, you’re honoring all you did to get to that point and your intuition will continue to serve you well…tenfold and beyond!