In 15 min the Prime Time TV networks are going to start reviewing the status of our Presidential election in the United States.

I’ve been trying to get time to sit and write a blog for all of you today-ALL DAY and until now, haven’t had a minute.

That seems crazy, doesn’t it? 12 hours later, this is the time frame I found.

Why is it that we find ourselves running out of time so often? I try really hard to not over schedule and give myself time to rest and relax in my day. I believe in the act of doing nothing. Yet-look at whst happened today…

Actually, this week I read a great article about the Dutch approach to life, called ‘niksen’. They literally sit by their windows and watch the world outside. Not even trying to meditate. It’s the real act of being.

So, I think about what I was raised with…Vedanta. The act of being and accepting. There is an excellent book I was raised reading-‘I Am That’ by Nisargadatta Maharaj, that talks about the status of being. And not fighting what is.

Today, there is a huge need for acceptance of our process of exercising democracy.

The issue is that the democratic process has not been fair to us over the past four years. We have been sideswiped over and over again, as if in an abusive relationship.

All the rules changed, overnight. Like the pandemic. It all happened so quickly. We have worked so hard to have our voices heard. Creativity coming out of every possible brain cell to find ways to enact our abilities to achieve justice and fight for human rights.

I want to hold our world in my heart and give it love. I want to hold space for everyone who is anxious about what will happen after today. I know we are all walking down a dark tunnel and looking for the light. We can be that light. We can shine it out for all of us together. We have to. There is no other choice. Not if we want to attain peace and happiness as a nation. We have to have hope and believe in goodness. I see the shining sun in that tunnel. Yes, we may be entering a firestorm, but I’m prepared to bring the water and sand and clear the way. Will you join me?

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  1. The approach to time thing totally resonates. I read a chapter by Gay Hendricks this week about reapproaching our relationship to time from thinking of it as an external controlling substance to an internal renewable one and it’s made such a difference. Mantra: “I create time.”
    What you say about showing up and caring for each other during this time are so important. There was a great comic this morning that reminds me of your words — don’t think I can link it in the comments so I’ll quote the text:

    “Little Otter: ‘Mom, what’s going to happen?’
    Big Btter: ‘I don’t exactly know… but I know that we are kind and brave otters and we are going to take care of each other no matter what.’
    When we don’t have answers for kids’ big questions, framing an honest response within a story of safety and resilience can soothe anxiety while honoring their questions.”

    When we don’t have answers for our own and each others’ questions, remembering this puts ground under our feet, too.

    Big hugs to you and the whole broken up overwhelmed world this morning.

    1. Iannageneva-I love that comic quote-thank you! Yes, we do need to be there for each other. That’s all we really can do right now. 💖

      I’m so happy this resonated with you! I was debating between writing about sone interesting dating stuff or what was going on in our country and it took me two seconds to know I needed to hold the world in my arms yesterday.

      I will insert some humor later with the dating stuff though. I think we need to continue to laugh and find humor and joy in our lives despite this all around us.

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