This week I feel the effect of freedom! The US has a new President-Elect and I am thrilled! Hope reigns!!

There is something really special about electing a leader who has compassion and kindness.

I understand everyone may not share the same feelings about our new US President-Elect, but I want to express my relief that we are soon going to be free of feeling oppressed, abused and hurt by someone who doesn’t respect the basics of being human.

Shame. It’s a powerful emotion.

It turns out that over the past four years I was carrying a whole hell of a lot of it when I told anyone I was American. Because of who led my country. I felt like it was stamped on my forehead and I wanted to hide.

I realized this as I was driving home from the clinic on Saturday. I felt a relief as I was driving through cheering crowds. Like a burden was taken off my entire being that I didn’t know was there.

I started to cry.

Then a feeling of familiar but long gone pride started to creep up.

I invited it back.

With huge gratitude, I asked it to stay. So I could look into others’ eyes and tell them I was from a country that chose humanity!

I want to make a parallel to dating here.

We carry shame in so many things we do.

I spoke with a patient today who was shamed about her sexuality. Why? Because others don’t understand it.

Why do we need to feel that acceptance? It’s the same reason I felt shamed about my President.

So, what can we do when we find ourselves in those positions?

Recognizing we are not what others think. There is only so much we can control.

We are made of what we think and feel. And honestly, a whole lot more than that. We are generations of energetic inheritances through multiple lifetimes. So some of that shame may be layers that need to be peeled off.

We discussed her choice of sexuality and her happiness in it. I suggested she celebrate it! If she’s excited about it, no one can change the way she feels about it…unless she allows them to.

Similarly, I made a choice in my recent dating experiences and am so excited about it, I want to shout it out loud.

I’ll start off my announcing that I had a great first Face Time date last week!

Unexpectedly, I couldn’t stop myself from imagining kissing him…throughout our conversation. It was hilarious. If you were able to be in my head, the words you’d hear would be something like ‘blah, blah, blah, yeah, what would your lips feel like?’.

Honestly, that was the only thing that kept coming into my head.

He had such a kissable face. What’s a girl to do when faced with such an inviting and endearing face???

So, the next day I found myself wanting to share that with him!

I had no reason not to tell him. What’s the worst thing that would happen? He’d think I’m too aggressive or forward? Well, then I’d know he’s not for me. Since I know who I am.

Without any shame, I sent him a sweet morning message and told him what I wanted to do to him the night before.

And let me set the scene for you here-I was at the clinic. With my PPE. In between patients. You can see how I entertain myself when in the office!

And guess what?

He loved it!!!!!

Honesty prevails, yet again!

I am so thrilled that I didn’t hold back. I honored what my pussy wanted to do. It wanted to feel its feminine power by gracing its honesty. And it met a man who honored me back!

We have a real date coming up this week and I really can’t stop thinking about his sweetness.

Simple things make me happy-say good morning and good night to me and I melt. He has turned me into hot chocolate.

I want to end with Biden’s positive message in his speech on Saturday when he said his mother advised to ‘spread the faith’ not just keep the faith.

There is so much wisdom in that phrase. It doesn’t need to be attached to religion. Faith in whatever you believe in. I’m spreading the faith in love, compassion, honesty, humanity, joy, self love, divinity, embracing differences and our planetary recovery. And right on the top of that list is my faith in finding true love! I feel it coming. Every time I get closer…I can almost touch it! Spread your faith! Let those wings fly!

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