I am in awe. I just learned something about Wonder Woman that I didn’t know until today. And it makes me love her and her creator even more.

She was in a polyamorous relationship.

Wonder Woman was inspired by Professor William Marston’s lovers (wife and mistress) who he had a triangular relationship with.

His objective in creating Wonder Woman was to display the strength that women had. He believed that women could conquer and rule the world through inducement. The softer side of negotiation. He was a supporter of the feminist movement and his comics created a forum to get that message out.

Marston also came up with DISC theory (Domination, Inducement, Submission and Compliance) which are still used today as a basis for personality tests.

When I dug into DISC theory and learned more about Marston, kink is all over it.

Bondage. Ropes.

The Golden Lasso is Wonder Woman’s weapon.

That’s no mistake.

The Marstons brought a lot of erotic bondage into their relationship. He also used bondage to prove the various hypotheses of the components of DISC theory.

So bring in my story.

How do I fit into this?

Well…I’ve discovered I want a triangular relationship, as well (if you read that post from a few months ago, you’ll know what I mean)!

And, I identify as a Rope Bunny…I have my own imaginary golden lasso…though I haven’t used it yet!

This is where all of this gets confusing for me.

I haven’t tried any of this. But I feel it deep inside of me.

When I’m meditating, tapping into my Kundalini energy and opening my portal to connect with my source, what I visualize is this complex and incredibly arousing relationship with a man and a woman…and there’s plenty of bondage!

I see myself as this dark shadow sorceress who is liberated from the confines of what society describes as a normal life.

And I love it.

But when I watched the movie ‘Professor Marston and The Wonder Women’ today, I felt a deep sadness.

This movie was a depiction of their true story from the 1920’s. It was wild and amazing. They were liberated and sexually advanced for their time. But society didn’t accept them.

The truth is that one hundred years later, society would still shun this lifestyle.

I was witnessing myself while watching this movie and experienced their pain, grief and isolation when their communities rejected them.

People don’t know what to do when they see others living differently than themselves.

We see this in so many arenas of life. Race, religion, politics, sexuality, gender.

So I envision my future and see what I am inviting into it may be challenging…on many levels.

I also know that accepting ourselves is the most important facet to a happy life. If I don’t honor what I want, who I am and what gives me joy, I am doing a disservice to myself.

That’s my truth and my essence. Being all of me. Which right now, is a dark shadow tree fucking medicine woman sorceress named Cosmos who wants that triangular relationship to light her up. Let’s go!